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Salford Cadet springs to action in response to a fire

Salford Cadet springs to action in response to a fire

On Sunday 12 of February there was a fire at the Church of Ascension in Salford. Witnessing the glow of the fire from his home, Corporal Liam Cole went outside to investigate. On noticing it was his local church he reacted and rushed to the church. Arriving before the emergency services, Corporal Cole took charge of the situation and established a safe distance for onlookers of the fire.

He remained at the scene until the emergency services arrived, using his first aid knowledge learnt through Cadets to treat onlookers for both shock and smoke inhalation. Corporal Cole was in awe at the speed that the emergency services reacted once on the scene and was congratulated for the help he had offered.

In a statement, he said, “I felt like I needed to do something. People and children were close to the fire and I knew I needed to bring them back.”

During the parade night of 319 (City of Salford) Squadron on Monday 13 February was praised for his actions by OC 319 Flight Lieutenant Matt Coakley who said, “His reaction is a testament to Corporal Cole’s character and I can imagine him doing so again in the future.”

Cpl Cole 319 Sqn

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